In Full Transparency, Here's What I Do & Don't Do

Do: I'm an Online Business Manager & Tech Strategist. My team and I do pretty much almost anything not in my Don't Do's related to operating a business online.

Don't Do: Lie, cheat, steal, beg, whine, hack, manipulate, and I don't ever break my word.

If you are a local business owner or online marketer...

Online Business Management & Tech Support

Online Business Management & Tech Support

Wouldn't you rather be doing something else other than creating your blog, website, funnel, autoresponder campaign, marketing or advertising content?

Maybe you've been trying to fix that broken piece of @%#$ tech so you can launch your product/service/business online?

You need someone who understands how an online business is supposed to be operated, does not need a lot of training on your processes, can follow along at your speed and take charge.

Below is a list of our other services provided, and I can be reached directly by FB messenger.

Online Business Management & Tech Support

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

All services are paid weekly in advance. No exceptions. Because these services require my time, there are no refunds. If you don't like it, I make it right.

Facebook Group Admin and Moderating

Facebook Group Admin/Moderating

Yeah, I know you most likely have someone or a group of people who are helping you with your group for free.

Even though you're not paying them, they are also not paying.

There's no dependability or schedule. It's hit or miss when they get on Facebook.

Clients have been paying me since Oct. 2016 for group moderating because I rule with an iron fist, assist with new member on-boarding, post approvals, "yes ladder" posts and overall engagement.

Business & Funnel Strategy Audit

Business & Funnel Strategy Audit

You've got things started and going, but you're not feeling it.

Something is missing, not working as expected or just needs tuned up.

There's a gap in the process somewhere and if you want it done right, we'll go through and tune up all your processes.

I won't half-ass it so it's either done right the first time, or it's not done at all.

Vetted Referral Network (VRN)

Vetted Referral Network (VRN)

A vetted referral network of business owners, marketers and other B2B professionals who want to help you.

What's so different from this 'rolodex' or 'secret black book' of influencers, and 6-7 figure income earners?

These are MY trusted connections and advisors who have been personally vetted for me, and by me.

DFY Funnel System with What'sNext platform

DFY Funnel System

We have different teams who provide DFY plans from strategy, automation, autoresponder campaigns, launches, Shopify builds, funnel systems, software or product development, branding, advertising packages, marketing plans, and more...

Whatever you're looking for, we've got the solution that fits you the most.

DNS and Web Hosting Management

DNS/Web Hosting Management

Your email/blog/website/funnel/content and other means of collecting, storing, and securing data needs organized efficiently.

The DNS for your domain(s) control email deliverability, how long downtime is, how fast your site is, failover, etc.

We can check how things are running, and tune-up what needs to be tweaked.

SEO & Social Media Setups

SEO & Social Media Setups

Whether it's a Google My Business listing or social media account setup, owning your business (brand) online is crucial.

Create your presence online using long tail keywords, a great offer to a target market; elements in the site title/meta/description like video, questions, geographic locations.

Let's make sure you've got all the top level domains secure, and your social media accounts using your company/brand name.

Content Proof-Reader/Editor

Content Proof-Reader/Editor

Does the spell check or grammar check not pick up everything?

It's understandable (to a point) when there are misspellings, run on sentences, not enough white space, etc.

Pencil me in to help with your next content creation.

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